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Functions and precautions of release agent

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Release agent is a kind of functional auxiliary material between products and molds, which can prevent products of rubber, plastic, elastomer or other materials from sticking in the mold and play a role in easy demoulding. Due to the rapid development of molding, hand pasting, pultrusion and other processes, the amount of release agent has gradually increased significantly.

What is the effect of mold release agent?

The main function of the release agent is to make the products come out of the mold cavity. After the release agent is coated on the high-temperature surface of the mold, a film can be formed to protect the mold surface, prevent the products from sticking to the mold, reduce the impact force on the mold when the products are formed, reduce the wear of the products and the mold, and play the role of lubrication; In addition, the temperature of each part of the mold can be adjusted to maintain the temperature balance of the mold, improve the formability of the products, thus increasing the life of the mold and ensuring the quality of the products to a certain extent.

What are the application methods and precautions of release agent?

1. As for the use method, first, thoroughly clean the mold with an appropriate amount of mold cleaner to remove the residual mold release agent/wax, and then evenly smear the mold with a vegetable melon cloth or cotton cloth dipped with the mold release agent on the mold. Then, put the preformed semi-finished products into the mold, place the oil pressure table for hot pressing, and finally, release the mold;

2. As for water quality, the release agent must be mixed with clean purified water. If the container or water quality of the release agent is polluted, it is easy to cause the deterioration of the release agent, which will directly affect the use effect of the release agent and the release effect, resulting in a reduction in the product qualification rate;

3. As for the service time, pay attention to the delivery time and shelf life of the release agent. Once the cover is opened, the release agent should be used as soon as possible. Especially in hot weather, the deterioration of the release agent must be prevented.

The use of mold release agent can not only reduce the cost, improve the production efficiency, but also play a role in protecting the mold and improving its life, and the effect is obvious.