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about us

Shanghai Bojing Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of organic peroxides and functional additives. Relying on advanced production, technology and service partners at home and abroad, it is committed to providing one-stop solutions to trigger, vulcanize, crosslink and other application needs. Take profession as the core competitiveness and shape a professional service team; Take trust as the source of cooperation, and develop the corporate culture of benevolence, righteousness, courtesy and trust; We sincerely invite all ambitious people to join us and warmly welcome our partners at home and abroad.

Sincerity, cooperation, inclusiveness and friendliness

Products include:

101335, DCP, BIPB, DTBP, BPO, TBPB, LPO, TBEC, TBPO and other series of organic peroxides

TAIC, TMPTMA, TMPTA, HVA-2, OE-50, OC-60, OF-70, deodorant, mold release agent, mold cleaner, comprehensive accelerator and other functional aids