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The presence of rubber deodorant is very important

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For those who have been engaged in the rubber spot processing industry, it is needless to say that the smell of rubber itself, especially in the raw material manufacturing factory, the smell of fermented protein is very high. It is no exaggeration to say that it is almost the same as the smell of feces, but for rubber products, these smells cannot exist, so the existence of rubber deodorant is very important.

Odor remover is a chemical reagent used to eliminate, weaken or cover odor. It can be divided into many types according to different uses. It can effectively reduce or eliminate odor or odor caused by rubber additives and residual monomer of rubber itself, especially suitable for some rubber products reprocessed with secondary recycled materials.

Rubber deodorant has excellent temperature resistance, long aging and small addition. It has no effect on the performance of rubber products that need to cover and deodorize.

When using, users should mix the powder with the material as evenly as possible according to their own production conditions, so that the powder can fully contact the material. The better the mixing, the better the deodorization effect. It has little effect on the operating temperature. Generally speaking, high temperature is helpful for deodorization.

Although the rubber deodorant is not a very high-tech product, and the consumer market is relatively vertical, which is only available in the rubber production industry, it has greatly improved the taste of rubber products and provided great help for rubber in human life and production.