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What are the characteristics of mold washing glue?

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Mold washing glue is a new type of mold cleaning material. During vulcanization, the rubber releases the cleaning agent, which reacts with the dirt on the mold and falls off, and then vulcanizes with the rubber and adheres to the rubber surface, so as to clean the mold.

Product features:

1. Environmental protection, no waste water.

2. Energy saving, no need to disassemble the mold, and re heating and cooling.

3. High efficiency. Only need to vulcanize 1-2 molds on the original mold to continue making products, without affecting the production efficiency.

4. The rubber material has good fluidity, and it also has a good cleaning effect on the deep groove mold with complex structure. At the same time, the mold will not be damaged.

Vulcanization temperature and time: 170 ℃ - 190 ℃ Vulcanization. The optimal active temperature of this product is 180 ℃. The time can be adjusted or extended appropriately according to the product thickness and machine temperature. The mold can be opened when the mold washing rubber reaches positive vulcanization.

The curing time is 5-10min, and the curing time is adjusted appropriately according to the thickness of the product. The vulcanized rubber is not brittle and easy to take the mold.

Exhaust times: 1-3 times of normal exhaust is required for the mold easy to be cavitated. The mold that is not easy to deflate may not need to exhaust.

Cleaning times: when the mold is seriously polluted, the cleaning times can be appropriately increased, generally 1-3 molds. After the mold is cleaned, in order to maintain the stability of product appearance color and keep the mold clean, the mold shall be cleaned with mold washing glue once before the shift change.

Applicable rubber: natural, ethylene propylene, styrene butadiene, nitrile, fluorine rubber, hydrogenated nitrile rubber.

Applicable products: For rubber products with complex mold structure, when the mold has small grooves and holes, due to the influence of the fluidity of the rubber itself and the exhaust of the mold, it needs to be cleaned several times.

usage method:

At the original vulcanization temperature, vulcanization cleaning can take 5-10min. If the mold is polluted seriously due to more dirt, the cleaning times can be appropriately increased.